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Pennsylvania Route 309 (PA 309) is a state highway that runs 216 km through Pennsylvania in the United States. It starts at the intersection of Pennsylvania Avenue and Pennsylvania Boulevard in Hazleton, Pennsylvania, and runs east to west, passing under the Blue Mountain Northern Railroad Line (read: the Blue Mountain and Northern Railway Line) before entering McAdoo County.

From there, the road narrows to four lanes and leads into the North Penn Valley region, curving northeast and north along Mile Hill Road. The road passes a shopping mall before crossing into Montgomery Township and heading back into wooded areas. He then passes the Blue Mountain Northern Railroad Line before passing through another wooded area through Springfield Township. After crossing Montgomery County Road, he passes the town of Hazleton before returning to a wooded area - to - and then driving into McAdoo County.

The road passes north of Wyoming Valley Mall and back into Wilkes - Barre Township before heading back to Wilks - and past shops. The commercial road will be widened to a four-lane, divided motorway, passing more businesses before being widened again to four and then two lanes, and the road will be used by more businesses.

Cheltenham Avenue is divided and the former PA 309 lanes become PA 145 northbound, and the former southbound lanes cross on the east side of the highway to allow access to the city of Allentown, with a new four-lane, two-lane intersection at the intersection of CheltenHAM Avenue.

PA 309 runs along the east bank of the Little Schuylkill River and enters Lynn Township and turns north through wooded areas. The road turns from north to north-west and continues into North Whitehall Township, where it passes through a number of small towns and villages with a few small farms. PA 309 continues westward through agricultural areas, forests and houses, passing a small town of about 2,000 inhabitants and a large number of farms and businesses. We continue west through an agricultural area with some forests and some houses, then under the railroad tracks and then into the town of Allentown, which runs through the center of the city and runs east along the banks of a small stream to the north and south along a road.

The PA 309 bus continues north through the town of Wilkes-Barre and the route turns into a four lane highway. The route stops at the intersection of the Pennsylvania State Line and Interstate 80 and turns south onto a two-lane road and then north for a two-mile stretch to the town of Allentown, where it turns onto the four-lane highway on the north side of I-81 and continues east.

At this point, the US 202 bus becomes simultaneous with PA 309 and the road passes through the town of Cheltenham Township in Montgomery County, where it turns south onto Ogontz Avenue, which is divided into two lanes of two - a two-lane road and a four-lane highway. After passing through the shops, PA309 enters Chel 10 miles north of Allentown and turns north onto a two-mile stretch of divided Ogontz Avenue. The road then passes under the Pennsylvania State Line and I-81 at the intersection of Interstate 81 and Interstate 80.

After passing north of Northwood Cemetery, continue on PA 309 about 10 miles north on Ogontz Avenue. The route continues to the east, turns to the northwest and crosses the community of Beaumont. We continue south along a two-mile stretch of divided Interstate 80 and I-81, and then west, past the Pennsylvania State Line and Interstate 81 at the intersection of Interstate 83 and the State Line at Interstate 85.

The highway passes under the Blue Mountain Northern Railroad (read: the Blue Mountain and Northern Railway line), where it enters the Forty Fort neighborhood and arrives at an intersection with US-11, which provides indirect access to US / 11.

After reaching Whitemarsh Township, PA-309 continues north until it passes into West Rockhill Township. The route runs a few miles from north to south and reaches the junction with US-11 at the southern end of the city before turning north to reach the terminus of US / 11. After a bend in the northwest and crossing the Blue Mountain and Northern Railway lines, it runs about a mile from east to west and passes an industrial park before crossing Sandy Run. At this point, the northbound PA / 309 passes the homes before passing Southern Lehigh High School south, while the southbound route passes through wooded areas and nearby residential areas. Then it runs west - east for about a mile before reaching a cross - over US / 11 in a parking lot and then into a residential area.

Shortly after, PA-309 arrives at the intersection of US / 11 at the intersection of West Rockhill Road and South Main Street and then crosses the route southbound.

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More About Hazleton