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Famous musician, songwriter, producer, singer, guitarist and producer Jerry Lee Lewis is dead. He lived in West Chester, PA, with his wife and two sons, John and John Jr., and his two daughters, Annabelle and Amanda.

He is survived by his wife of 50 years, Elizabeth Lewis, and two sons, John Jr. and John III. He is also survived by his daughter Annabelle, son-in-law Jerry Lewis Jr. and his two daughters Amanda and Amanda Lewis.

Frankie Carll Productions "office staff consists of the owner and head of the DJ department as well as a full-time team of musicians, dancers and sound engineers.

We would like to point out that if you do not hear a murmur of a voice from your guests, they are too loud, but that does not mean that you will be heard for the rest of the night. If it works, you will use a lot more of it, so be sure to hear all the murmurs and voices of the guests.

We will go through all the details of the event and pass them thoroughly to the DJ, and we will go through a variety of music to see what works best for this particular party. We do this by looking at the guests as a whole and seeing which age groups are represented.

We teach the industry's DJ tricks during the event so that when it needs a little pressure, it can motivate the guests. He will play a variety of music to get guests dancing all night long and let them talk about how great the party will be in the years to come.

There are some companies that would say, "You have to do this," but they could not be further from the truth.

We live and work to ensure that our success is not for money, but for passion for music and love for our country.

He owns over 1 million song selections in his Clarks Summit studio and has access to millions more. Jerry Hludzik grew up in a small town in the northeastern United States, scattered across the state's landscape. He founded his first band, Odd Powers, in nearby Freeland, PA, and was later joined by his wife, the DJ - married singer / songwriter / producer / guitarist / singer - songwriter / pianist Mary Ann. They are the co-founders of the Pennsylvania Music Hall of Fame and have been married for over 30 years.

The producers quickly signed to CBS / Epic Records and the band became Dakota, but CBS Records decided to change their name for their follow-up album. The band returned to writing and recording, released another album, Runaway, and became the Dakota.

The ambitious bassist and singer began seriously with acting and writing, but due to illness he continued to record with his brother Eli Stahl, play and record. After Dakota got a record deal with CBS / Epic Records for her third album "Runaway," Stahls stepped in and helped the band record the album.

Hludzik graduated from M.M.I. Prep in 1969 as a star athlete, but his reputation was overshadowed by an aspiring rock musician. He studied at Luzerne County Community College, where he fatally met the famous New York City psychedelic progressive rock group Grateful Dead.

Jerry and Bill recovered with a demo tape sent to Chicago by their longtime friend Michael Stahl. He made a record cut with the Oak Ridge Boys and was signed as a songwriter by MCA Music Publishing in Nashville, TN.

The song, penned by Rupert Holmes, is said to be loosely based on the much-reported Shepton mine disaster in Hazleton, PA in 1963. The event took place in Hludzik's hometown and drew worldwide media coverage of Hazletton's PA (1963). The lyrics implied cannibalism and the rock press and fans had a day to interpret the song's intent.

I received many comments from young and old guests who were pleased with the choice of music played. Reading the crowd is a great way to judge which era, genre and music you will enjoy.

If you feel that your DJ went beyond the call of duty And you have no means or desire to tip him, we would appreciate it. If you do not book a team job a week before reception, the DJ will come to the first reception you want. DJs can dress up for a reception party as long as no tux is required. Please call us to book a wedding DJ for entertainment on your special day between 570 - 587 - 2740.

Guests can request their favorite music throughout the evening, and the DJ will be able to deliver. The DJ can also request special requests at any time of the day and night for special events and events.

We will fulfill all special requests that are specifically tailored to the DJ, but we will accept requests up to a week before the wedding if they have not already been made. The DJ has a shop where we have spare equipment for him to carry with him, so make sure he is equipped with songs we don't have with us yet.

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