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Greater Hazleton is one of the most interesting and fun areas where you can choose to start a business or start a family. It is also known for its great shopping, restaurants and squares along Interstates 80 and 81. An hour south, you can visit the Gettysburg battlefield and reflect on Abraham Lincoln's short but powerful address. There are many museums, galleries, theaters, churches, parks and other attractions, making it a great destination for visitors from around the country and beyond.

You can also visit the old Scranton Iron Furnaces, now a cool park with trees, as well as the Pennsylvania Museum of Natural History and the National Archives.

Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom in Allentown is the other large theme park in the area, which houses an 80-meter steel roller coaster. You can plunge deep into coal mining and enjoy a canal boat tour in the summer or steam your way to the top of the Pennsylvania Museum of Natural History and National Archives. The park includes an indoor water park with water slides and water slide, as well as an outdoor pool and picnic area.

The museum has many items, many of which are in the Natural History Department of the Pennsylvania Museum of Natural History and National Archives. But it is also the artifacts that make this museum unique and worth a visit, even if you have no connection to the surroundings. Enjoy the remains of firefighters found at the National Firefighters Museum and the National Historical Museum of the American Civil Liberties Union of Pennsylvania.

The exhibition features historical artifacts ranging from a map from 1654 of the Philadelphia region to a piece of a bridge on Walnut Street in Harrisburg. Many fossils have been found in the region's coal seams and include things like ferns, wood and crystals. On the second floor of this museum, Indian artifacts from the area are on display, including arrowheads, glass beads and ceramics. Some of these artifacts are on display at the Pennsylvania Museum of Natural History and National Archives, as well as the National Historical Museum.

Northeast Pennsylvania, where Greater Hazleton is located, is best characterized by the Pocono Mountains, which are mainly located to the east and north. Driving through the area, you will no doubt discover that golf is a popular pastime in northeastern Pennsylvania.

If you have children, you can visit Luzerne County Community College and Lackawanna College, both in downtown Hazleton, and the University of Pennsylvania. In addition to its associate degree, Luerner College also has a branch campus in the city, while Lackawsanna College is also located near downtown Hazleton and offers a secondary school.

The museum's basement displays military items worn and collected by local soldiers, as well as many other artifacts related to life in the Hazleton area. In the basement there is also a large collection of artifacts from the time of the Second World War. This is a great example of what a museum of the historical society of the municipality should be, and it certainly provides an insight into the history of the area we call home.

Located in a former boarding house of a miller, this museum and park visitor center tells the story of the planned industrial town of Hazleton, Pennsylvania, from its beginnings to the present day. This museum, located at the site of a tragedy in 1913 in which 73 people were killed, traces a century of mining.

This museum tells the story of Hosea Hudson, a black steelworker and miner, and includes an exhibition on the rise of the black proletariat. The Interpretive Center is an organization dedicated to the education of people who have helped build the state. He explains that the purpose of this museum is to tell the stories of the union workers.

If you are a history buff and cross Hazleton on Interstate 81, this museum is worth a stop. This museum claims to have the largest collection of historical artifacts in the state of Pennsylvania, with over 1,000 artifacts. I doubt this claim is true, as I have looked at many other museums in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and even New York City. If you're feeling adventurous, check out this historic town, which is also home to some of the best white water rafting in the entire East.

Visitors can drive in a team van driven by veteran miners to the mine, or they can take a trip to learn more about the coal fields in the area, but don't forget to leave out a pair of boots, a hat and a miner's hat as a free souvenir.

Drive through the countryside and you will see Amish and Mennonites riding in horse-drawn carts and hand-drawn barns. Knoebel Amusement Resort in Elysburg offers one of the most prestigious wooden coasters in the country, as well as a variety of other attractions.

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More About Hazleton